January 8, 2015 Meeting

Meeting Agenda – January 8, 2015  3:30-5:00 p.m.

Location: CFO

I.   Update on Poverty Simulation

II.  Report on meeting the Impacting Poverty Collaborative – Greg and Gail

III. Survey – Janet and Mark

IV. Data Collection and Demographic Maps – Greg and Brendan

V.  Brainstorming Session: Identifying Tension Points

January 8, 2015 Meeting Notes

Greg Burris, Springfield City Manager                                     Cora Scott, City of Springfield

Gail Smart, City Center Christian Outreach                            Winter Skelton, CFO

Ashley French, Junior League of Springfield                         Larry Spilker, Buckhorn, Inc.

Brendan Griesemer, City of Springfield                                 Mark Struckhoff, Council of Churches

David Jayne, Central Assembly of God                                 Maura Taylor, Health Commission

Traci Louvier, Tuthill Vacuum & Blower System                    Jaimie Trussell, Convoy of Hope

Christian Mechlin, SPS

Morey Mechlin, Care to Learn                                             Staff

Rob Nelson, Marlin Company                                             Janet Dankert

Carl Rosenkranz, OACAC


Gail welcomed the members and thanked them for attending the meeting, and Carl Rosenkranz was asked for a status report on Poverty Simulations.

Update on Poverty Simulations

Below is an update on OACAC Poverty Simulations. The simulations in bold, are from efforts of the Commission.

Upcoming simulations:

                January 26th 9-11am at Central Assembly with Central Assembly

February 10th 11am-1pm at MSU with MSU Education Department

February 13th 9-11am at Truman Elementary with SPS teachers

March 17th 10am-noon location to be determined with Springfield Chamber of Commerce

                March 26th 8-10am at First Baptist Church with Downtown Rotary Club

                April 20th 9:30am-11:30am at North Point Church with North Point Church (possibly)

                April 23rd 10am-noon location to be determined with Center City Christian Outreach

Groups we are trying to schedule:

Enactus – email sent to determine continued interest

Sparta School District – email sent to determine continued interest

Craig Peterson – will have small groups attend other simulations

Springfield Public Schools

Completed simulations because of efforts from the Commission:

April 3rd with the Commission

May 13th with Greene County Health Department and Jordan Valley

May 21st with Greene County Health Department and Jordan Valley

September 22nd with Junior League

October 16th 9-11am at Missouri Career Center with the Library

October 20th 9-11am at Missouri Career Center with the Library

October 29th 9-11am at Cox North Fountain Plaza Room with CoxHealth Certified Application


November 3rd 6-8pm location to be determined with MSU Mike Stout

November 12th 9-11am at OACAC with 417 Magazine

November 18th 3:30-5:30pm at Missouri Career Center with Springfield Chamber of Commerce The


Total number of simulations (both upcoming and completed) from the Commission: 15

Right now, I am telling newly interested groups we are booked until March 2015 (we can do one more in March and one more in April). We are also telling newly interested parties we need to schedule simulations during regular business hours Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. It’s difficult for our volunteers to come to evening simulations because about half of them ride the city bus, walk, or ride a bicycle.

If a group is going to invite the media to a simulation, please let Meghan know in advance so staff and volunteers can be prepared. At this time volunteers are needed for all of these upcoming simulations. If anyone is able to volunteer at any of these simulations, contact Meghan Visser, Program Development Specialist at mvisser@oacac-caa.org or 417-873-3372.

After Greg was interview by Bonnie Bell at KTTS, Bonnie committed the radio station to a poverty simulation.

Poverty Collaborative Meeting

Gail and Greg attended the Impacting Poverty Collaborative meeting on January 7th and shared some of the dialogue from that meeting with the Commission. The Collaborative is made up of representatives from local “Boots-on-the-Ground” organizations that provide direct services to the under-resourced. They talked with the Collaborative about the Commission’s purpose and mission, and its intentions to work hand-in-hand with the Collaborative. Part of the discussion centered on the faith-based community and its ability to address causes at the neighborhood level. It was suggested that the Collaborative reach out to church congregations to engage and empower them for solutions. Churches have the unique ability to address causes at the neighborhood level, and working with the Collaborative, could adopt a geographic area with which to work. Central Assembly is already doing this with the Grant Beach Neighborhood. There was good interactive dialogue at the meeting, and plans will be made for a collective meeting of the two groups for further discussions.


A community service survey was developed to learn what the under-resourced consider the primary roadblocks to their ability to support themselves and their families. It was distributed at the Crossline Toy Distribution before the holidays, and we got 140 completed thanks to Mark. It will be distributed at various events, such as the Life Betterment Fair, over the next month.

Data Collection & Demographic Maps

Greg and Brendan distributed several documents for discussion: The Field Guide 2030 for Springfield, The Self-Sufficiency Standard for Missouri, and the City’s Neighborhood Health Indicators.

Brain Storming Session: Identifying Tension Points

A brainstorming session was held with the following points being made:

Causes v. Symptoms

  • Efficiency/Inefficiency of existing agencies?
  • Different/Unique
  • Wrap around?
  • Agree on causes & symptoms
  • Communication skills/Soft skills deficit
  • Behavioral vs. Systemic?

Requiring Engagement in Return for Services

  • Responsibility
  • Sliding scale of engagement responsibilities?
  • Current agency requirements – Overwhelming?
    • Efficiencies – Eliminate duplication
  • Reward for engagement
  • Break the “entitlement” expectation
  • Focus on those who want to change
  • Accessible to programs – to all

Who is our “Target Audience”?

  • Punish?
  • How to handle children?
  • Address by target audiences?
  • Pilot project vs. entire community?

Tension Points

  • Funding
  • Skeptical public
  • Elected officials
  • Educating the public
  • Legislation
  • Who do we align with & expectations
  • Livable age
  • Lack of hope & buy-in/Recipient skepticism
  • Business community buy-in
  • Complexity of the issue
  • Trust
  • Timing – Short-term expectations

The next meeting will be Thursday, January 14, 2014 at KY3. The meeting was adjourned.