April 2, 2015 Meeting

Meeting Agenda April 2, 2015   3:30-5:00

Location: Community Foundation of the Ozarks


  1. Welcome – Gail Smart
  2. Approval of 3-19-15 Meeting Minutes
  3. Update on Poverty Simulations
  4. Community Survey Focus Groups  
  5. Use of Infographics – Cora Scott
  6. Review of Draft Report
  7. Adjourn


Gail Smart, City Center Christian Outreach

Nate Bibens, The Network

Sherry Coker, OTC

Brendan Griesemer, City of Springfield

Mary Kromrey, Healthy Living Alliance

Christian Mechlin, SPS

Morey Mechlin, Care to Learn

Marty Moore, SPS

Francine Pratt, United Way Board of Directors

Linda Ramey-Greiwe, Springfield News-Leader

Mary Ann Rojas, City of Springfield

Carl Rosenkranz, OACAC

Winter Skelton, CFO

Larry Spilker, Buckhorn, Inc.

Mark Struckhoff, Council of Churches

Maura Taylor, Health Commission

Jaimie Trussell, Convoy of Hope

Asher Allman, Center for Community Engagement

Emily Kiehne, Center for Community Engagement


Janet Dankert, CPO

Trent Sims, CPO

Myra Masey, CPO


Welcome & Approval of March 19, 2015 Minutes

Gail Smart welcomed members to the meeting and thanked them for attending. She called their attention to the minutes from the March 19, 2015 meeting and asked if there were any corrections or revisions. There being none, she asked for a motion to accept the minutes as presented.

ACTION: Morey Mechlin made a motion to accept the March 19, 2015 minutes as presented. Francine Pratt seconded the motion; motion carried.

Update on Poverty Simulations

Carl Rosenkranz reviewed the status of the poverty simulations:

  • March 26th 8-10am at First Baptist Church with Downtown Rotary Club;
  • April 20th 9:30am-11:30am at North Point Church with North Point Church (possibly);
  • April 23rd 10am-noon location to be determined with Center City Christian Outreach;
  • May 5th 1:00pm-3pm at Kraft Administration Building with Springfield Public Schools; 80 individuals have registered;
  • July 14th 10:45am-12:45pm location to be determined with Greene County COAD.

Seventeen simulations have been completed in one year as a result of the Commission’s efforts, and three others are being planned.   Because many of the volunteers have to ride the bus when assisting at the simulations, donations for bus passes would be helpful. OACAC has completed, or has scheduled, nine additional simulations, as well, surpassing all other Community Action groups in Missouri.

The Well of Life Food Pantry has scheduled a simulation April 23rd. Gail issued an invitation to join that group if you have not yet participated in one.

A complete report was provided in the meeting packet.

Community Survey

Data entry from the surveys should be completed before the next meeting, April 16th.

Use of Infographics

If you are interested in assisting with the multi-media version of the Commission Report, please contact Cora Scott.

Impacting Poverty Collaborative Update

The Collaborative is preparing information for a Collective Impact model, filtering priorities, identifying root causes and measurable indicators to provide to the Commission for feedback.   Fragmented funding streams seems to be a common frustration with the agencies that are involved in this group, as well as the differences in levels of income necessary to qualify for various programs.

Review of Draft Report

After lengthy discussion, it was suggested that each member of the Commission should share his/her recommendations for the eight individual factors based on Dr. Ruby Payne’s studies and send them, in writing, to Greg and Gail: Financial; Emotional; Mental; Spiritual; Physical; Support Systems; Relationships/Role Models; and Knowledge of Hidden Rules. The recommendations will be compiled for further discussion.

The next meeting will be April 16, 2015, 3:30 p.m. at Community Foundation of the Ozarks, 425 E. Trafficway.