March 20, 2014 Meeting

Meeting Agenda – March 20, 3:30-5:00
Location: Community Partnership of the Ozarks

  1. Welcome and Review of Mission – Gail Smart and Greg Burris
  2. Self-Introductions
    1. Name
    2. Organization/Stakeholders you are representing
    3. Level of familiarity with poverty
    4. What you hope we will accomplish
  3. Review of Logistics
    1. Who
      1. Membership list
    2. What
      1. Review of draft Mission and Scope document
      2. Definition(s) of Poverty
    3. When
      1. First and third Thursdays of each month, 3:30-5:00
    4. Where
      1. TBD
    5. How
      1. Strategies for addressing our mission
        1. Strategy: Impacting poverty is a large and complex issue – the Commission will “eat the elephant one bite at a time” by addressing one “focus topic” per meeting
        2. Strategy: The Commission members must first be educated regarding the current level of poverty and poverty-related “challenges” that the under-resourced face daily, and “connect the dots” as to how poverty impacts all of us, before we can ask insightful questions about current support services, set a vision for the community regarding poverty, develop proposed strategies to impact the level of poverty in our community, and identify measurable goals
        3. Strategy: The Commission will be open-minded and willing to try things no other city has ever tried
        4. Strategy: The Commission will reach out to collect input from the under-resourced in order to better understand their challenges “through their eyes”
        5. Strategy: The Commission will ask local/regional topic experts to make presentations on each topic
        6. Strategy: The Commission will collectively determine a “call to action” for the community, determine how the general public should be made aware of the many impacts of poverty on our community, and recommend an organizational structure, if needed, for moving forward once our work is completed
      2. Field trips
      3. Feedback forms at each meeting
      4. Web site
      5. Facebook
      6. Keeping and posting of minutes / posting of agendas
  4. Review of Presentation by Dr. Ruby Payne
    1. Observations and Insights
    2. Notes from CPO staff
    3. Distribution of books – Morey Mechlin
  5. Proposed List of Future Meeting Topics
    1. Root Causes of Poverty (including impact of racism, social capital, etc)
      1. Guests: Dr. John Harms, Dr. Tim Knapp, Dr. Mike Stout (?)
    2. Poverty Simulation (?)
    3. Education
      1. Guests: MSU (First Generation Program), Drury, OTC, SPS
    4. Jobs and Workforce Development
      1. Guests: Chamber of Commerce, Career Center, OTC, Career Center client
    5. Housing
      1. Guests: Affordable Housing Center, Debbie Shantz Hart
    6. Healthcare
      1. Guests: Healthcare Collaborative
    7. Mental Health and Emotional Support
      1. Guests:
    8. Food Insecurity and Access to Healthy Foods
      1. Guests: Food pantries, Ozarks Food Harvest
    9. Transportation
      1. Guests: City Utilities, City of Springfield
    10. Child Care
      1. Guests: Every Child Promise
    11. Empowerment Skills (Cooking, Financial Literacy, Parenting, etc)
      1. Guests: Community Partnership of the Ozarks, Consumer Credit Counseling Center, Faith-based organizations
    12. Best Practices – Other Cities
      1. Guests:
    13. Community Awareness (Connecting the dots, existing level of poverty, impact of poverty on various segments of community)
      1. Guests:
    14. Community Performance Measures (Dashboard)
      1. Guests
    15. Community Call to Action
    16. Organizational Structure – How to Keep the Momentum?
    17. Other topics as determined by the Commission
  6. Materials Distributed Prior to the Meeting
    1. Binders
  7. Presentation: “The State of Poverty in Our Community” – Morey Mechlin and Trent Sims
  8. Questions and Discussion
  9. Adjourn